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Personal Training
Group Training 

Whether you're aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your overall fitness, or achieve any other health-related goal, Gaz is here to support you. With a personalized approach, Gaz offers tailored sessions that cater to individuals of all abilities (in person & online). His expertise ensures that your personal health and fitness goals are not just met, but exceeded. Through both one-on-one personal training and dynamic group training sessions, you'll find the motivation and guidance you need to smash your goals.

Fitness Events

Need a host for a fitness event?

Look no further, Gaz's voice, high with, motivation and energy, sets the tone for an experience to remember. He's not just hosting the event, he's igniting a fire inside of every attendee,, fuelled by positivity and passion to create an electrifying atmosphere full of good vibes. 

Team Building

Throughout his career Gaz has developed an ability to connect with people from every walk of life. His diverse experience has equipped him with a unique skill set in team building, leadership, goal setting.  Gaz's approach to this is deeply personal and highly effective, focusing on creating a strong mental framework that helps people achieve anything they set their minds to. This can be done through engaging workshops, team building days or a keynote speech. The overall theme is based on encouraging people to become the best version of themselves through positive thinking and developing a strong sense of focus and self discipline. 

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Aqua Aerobics

Jump into the water with Gaz's Aqua Aerobic sessions, where fitness meets fun in a splash of energy and excitement. These sessions offer a low impact,  high energy workout perfect for anyone looking to add some fun to their exercise routine while being gentle on the joints. Under Gaz's expert guidance each move is designed to build strength, burn calories and install a deep sense of empowerment and wellbeing. 

Martial Arts

Gaz is not only a qualified bodyguard specializing in close protection and risk avoidance, but he is also a former national Taekwondo champion who has proudly represented his country on the international stage. With experience in Aikido, Judo, Boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai and also competing in semi-pro MMA Gaz brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world expertise to his teaching..

Gym Design

Gaz brings a wealth of experience to the world of gym design, drawing on years of operational expertise working with some of the world's leading gyms. His deep understanding of the fitness industry allows him to understand product quality, functionality, and the elements that truly make a gym successful. Gaz's approach to gym design is comprehensive, focusing on everything from efficient gym layouts and changing room configurations to optimising the customer flow at entry points, reception areas and juice bars. 

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